How to become an administrator to your Facebook business page

What exactly is an administrator you ask? An administrator is a personal Facebook account that has access over a business page. This access allows the person to control everything about the page:

  • Edit information about the page including contact and other pertinent info.
  • Act as the business page as opposed to your personal account and interact with your audience
  • Upload photos of listings, update graphics and cover photo

Click below to start the Presentation 

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To reiterate the steps from the above presentation:

Step 1: The first step to becoming an administrator involves having a personal Facebook account. If you do not have a personal page and need some help, here is a link to an article on how to do that-

  • Log into your personal Facebook account and while logged in, open up your “Account Information Email”
  • Locate and click your Facebook business page’s URL which is located towards the top of the email
  • Once you have the page open you will notice a “Like” button->LikeButton
  • Click the button and the button will change to “Liked” ->Liked

Step 2: Now that you have liked your business page, reply to the associate who sent you your Account Information Email with your first/last name and the email address you use to log into your personal account, stating that you would like to become a admin of your page. Once that is done we can add your personal Facebook account as an administrator and you will have complete access over your business page.

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