How To Send Your Email Template

Hello & Happy Friday to All!

There have been a great deal of people who have asked for help when it comes to building their social media following. The email template that you have received from us here at Solved Social Media is a great way to make it easy for your contacts to be notified of your new social media profiles, while giving them direct links (to your Facebook/Twitter) so they can visit your pages and start receiving the information that is being posted.

In the below video I will show you in JUST 3 simple steps How to Effectively Send Out Your Email Template.

(How to watch this video in HD)

Here are the steps from the video just to reiterate:

Step 1: Take your cursor and highlight everything from “Thank you for your Support” all the way down through the Facebook/Twitter links. Once you have that highlighted, right click anywhere in the highlighted section and select the “Copy” option.

Step 2: Log into your email service of choice and start to compose a new email. Once you have the email open, you are going to right click in the body of the email and choose the paste option. You should now see the text in your email.

Step 3: We now want to choose the email contacts you would like to invite to your pages. There are some email services that let you choose your entire address book to send to but I would suggest choosing small batches of 15-20 emails. *It is a good idea to send the email to yourself (yep that’s right) and BCC the contacts you would like to invite. This way you don’t have to worry about your contacts seeing each other’s email addresses. Click “send” and congratulations, you have successfully sent out your template!


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